Take Control of Quality

Empower Your Factory Floor

Crack Open Your Supply Chain

All without any help from IT

Factory FloorEmpower your operators with the tools to build better products

Real Time SPC

  • Operators alerted in real time when basic SPC rules are violated
  • Configurable control limits calculated automatically based on standard deviation
  • Run charts, I-MR, XBar-R, histograms, and a raw data view
  • Filter data based on station, operator, and other custom fields like lot code
  • Export data as a CSV file
  • API for machine integration and automated data collection


Variat Assist reduces downtime by providing operators with a way to get help without leaving their cell. Anyone subscribed to the cell will receive notifications.


Ensure every bit of documentation is available and up-to-date using Variat ShopDocs. Upload files to our central repository and assign them to processes and stations. When an operator logs into a station, they can retrieve any relevant documents.

Supply ChainConnect with your supply chain like never before

Share Data With Customers

Give yourself a competitive advantage by sharing inspection and corrective action data with your customers in real time. Prove that your organization takes quality seriously and save time by not generating quality reports for each customer.

Monitor Your Supply Chain

Connect with your suppliers and monitor their performance in real time. Create custom metrics that are always up-to-date without waiting for your supplier to generate a report. You can even review the documents available on their production floor to make sure they have the latest instructions and drawings.

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Highly Available Data

Data is a powerful asset of your business and we don’t want to keep it to ourselves. Variat’s architecture is designed to provide the simplest, most intuitive, interface to your data through a RESTful web API. In fact, our own user interface exclusively uses this API, so it’s constantly tested, reliable, and inherently user friendly. With every change our development team makes, hundreds of tests are run automatically to ensure nothing was inadvertently broken. Results from these tests are even stored in Variat itself. Every purchased seat has access to the API, so there are no costly barriers between you and your data.

Enabling the Natural Flow of Data

Customers have many requirements that shape your business operations on the factory floor. Time consuming audits are performed and in some cases full-time personnel are present to verify these requirements are being met. The team behind Variat looked at this process and designed a solution that enables real-time visibility of shop floor data to both suppliers and their customers, including the documentation available to operators. This capability reduces the need for a customer presence, saving everyone time and money.


Variat doesn’t begin with an extensive training course or a massive deployment plan. Simply create an account online, add some part information, and provide an internet-connected tablet or workstation to an operator cell and start storing data in the cloud. Go further by uploading work instructions and part drawings making them available to operators in a controlled fashion. Strive for continuous improvement by enabling real-time statistical process control alerts, reducing scrap and rework costs. If at any time you’re not satisfied, close your account and stop paying. There are no long contracts or commitments. We’ll even keep your data safe in case you come back.


Modern Software for Manufacturing

Variat was designed by real customers. It works the way you expect modern software to work. We’re constantly improving and adding features based on our customers’ feedback and in some cases can provide updates in as little as one day. Since Variat is software-as-a-service, new features are available to you without any downtime. Get started today.