Your customers love ISO 9001They'll love Variat even more

Variat feels right at home in any forward-thinking Quality Management System

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will love being able to see the status of their order and any corrective actions performed without sending you requests via email. Gain a competitive advantage by sharing real-time inspection data and show that you are a leader in quality. At the same time, use statistical process control to deliver them better products.

Quality Infrastrucure

Variat is software-as-a-service which means we maintain all the servers and databases necessary to run the application for you. Inspection data is stored in a limitless central repository and is always accessible from any device, no matter how long ago it was entered.

Effective Communication

ShopDocs means your factory floor always has the most up-to-date documentation and Variat Assist provides operators with an effective communication channel when they need help.

Continuous Improvement

Use real-time statistical process control to refine your processes and reduce scrap by up to 50%.